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Classroom Teaching before Er. Savin Sindhu took a sabbatical from IIT-JEE teaching .
Er. Savin Sindhu

Our Story

Er. Savin Sindhu started teaching in 2001 from a small town in Haryana(Hisar) and soon gained reputation as the top Physics teacher in HIsar and helped students achieve single and double digit ranks in IIT-JEE. After about 5 years he started teaching in Chandigarh and in the very first year of teaching in Chandigarh, 56 out of 75 students taught by him cleared IIT-JEE including 6 in top 100 All India Ranks. Thereafter he has taught many students and helped many to clear IIT-JEE and other entrance Exams.He took a break from IIT-JEE teaching because of the monotonous nature of the teaching same content about 3 years ago. He devoted this time to travel and gain experience in teaching Internationally.Currently he is teaching Physics at Australian Science and Mathematics School,Flinders University in Australia, which is one of its kind in world. Physics.Live is to make JEE learning accessible to everyone at a reasonable price.

International Physics Olympiad Winners

Bijoy Singh

All India Rank 2 IIT-JEE and International Physics Olympiad Silver Medal

International Physics Olympiad Gold Medal and AIR 12 IIT-JEE

Sumegha Garg

Archit Gupta

All India Rank 4 and International Physics Olympiad Silver Medal

Abhijit Lavania

International Physics Olympiad Silver Medal and gained admission in Cornell University and AIR 26 in JEE Advanced

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Physics Olympiad Medals


Maximum Marks in JEE Advanced

What Our Students Have to Say

I am fortunate to be a student of Er. Savin Sindhu. He made the study of Physics so enjoyable and immersive that I did not even know that I was gaining knowledge to the level that I scored maximum marks in IIT-JEE in India and he kept on saying Gautam pay attention to other subjects also. I strongly recommend studying from him. He made studying fun for me.
Gautam Prem Jain
Max marks in Physics in JEE Advanced and AIR 20 JEE Advanced
I scored All India Rank 2 in JEE Advanced and for Physics I give credit to Er. Savin Sindhu for all the guidance and amazing explaination of Physics.
Biloy Singh
AIR 2 JEE Advanced
I came from a very simple background but the motivation and the clarity of Physics which lectures of Savin Sir provided me propelled me to be in top 50 in India. For me and my family it was more than what we had expected. I advice every aspirant to get Physics classes from sir to be able to get to top level.
Vivek Madaan
All India Rank 31 JEE Advanced
We strongly suggest studying with Er. Savin and be in top 200 All India Ranks like us.
Strongly suggest Er. Savin