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Frequently Asked Questions

At Physics.Live we want to ensure that everyone shall be able to have access to good quality education. We are not making much profit with this. We are trying to charge as less as possible for the technology to work in a sustainable manner. 

We have 2 week’s worth of lectures available online for free, complete with Daily Practice Sheets and a test each for 10+1 and 10+2. If you feel that you are comfortable learning in this manner then go ahead and get the courses. We have made it really simple where every month’s material is charged for 1000 rupees. If you do not want to access any month or you feel it is not working for you do not buy next month.

Physics.Live gives you access to the study material, Lectures and tests prepared by Er. Savin Sindhu who is very experienced and has sent more than 1500 students in IIT-JEE. You get the same quality as in a face to face teaching at a very nominal price. Classroom courses of Er. Savin Sindhu costed 50000 for one year and so in this format you get more for less. Weekly Doubt clearance by him is an added advantage.

We are offering two week’s material free to try and see if this is working for you.

We have a fair use policy so you have access for the material for one year and if you are in 11th and continue next year also, your material is available till your competitive exam, but if you say buy just one month material then it stays with you for about 12 months. You may send an email to us requesting increase if it will help you thereafter and we can increase the access at no extra cost.